Daniel Dorofei

If there is anything that I have learnt, it's that anything is possible when you put your head down.


I am a Year 13 student at Silverstone UTC
I am studying the EAL Technical Extended Diploma in Engineering Technologies there and am due to complete the course by May. The course has taught me many skills within engineering including, design and CAD, manufacturing (i.e. CAM, milling, and turning), Health and Safety, the general principles of pneumatics, and many more. But it has also taught me more broad skills like time management, project management, and how to effectively research for myself independently


Nicab Ltd - cable assembler
October 2022 - July 2023
I learned how to work in a team environment to manufacture high-quality cables efficiently. I became very efficient at every step of the production process and stayed under the estimated production time.
-Although it is not experience within an industry setting. I have learned how to use AutoCAD and Fusion 360 for CAD/CAM. Both software have taught me how to Design for Manufacture and also how to use different machines to their full potential.

About me

Engineering student garthering experience in many different fields ranging from design, manufacture, public speaking, and experience in industryI am looking to do a university degree in Engineering or potentially enroll in an apprenticeship to gain as much experience as I can and give me the advantage that others don't have

the project

Here are some pictures of the progress so far on my project

Since updating this back in January, I have been hard at work getting the teeth to mesh together and integrate smoothly before jumping into the build of the frame. And I can happily say now in mid-April that the teeth are complete and have turned out better than I could ever imagine.
I the midst of manufacturing all of the components I was invited to present the project over at the NEC for MACH 2024 and I'm looking forward to showing more people my hard work and what I have been able to learn in the 7 months.


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